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Ellen Domb: Teaching Innovation and Creativity, Utilizing the TRIZ System

TRIZ is a premier disruptive technology for innovation that can be used throughout many industries and sciences. Elements of TRIZ can be effectively used by a wide range of people -- from children to adults. The genesis of TRIZ is derived from empirical data, patents. The documentation of how inventive people solved inventive problems.

As can be learned from his biography, Genrick Altshuller analyzed thousands of worldwide patents from the leading engineering fields. He then analyzed solutions that were, in his judgment, most effective. This work provided the first understanding of the trends, or patterns, of evolution for technical systems. It also laid the foundation for the development of an analytical approach to solving inventive problems, later becoming the foundation for TRIZ, his theory of inventive problem solving, with its axiom: The evolution of all technical systems is governed by objective laws.
Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Time: 6 – 9 PM 
Location: Riviera Beach Marina Conference Center 
                        220 East 13th St., Riviera Beach
Fee: $30, presentation and dinner
Contact: Claude Gerstle
We look forward to seeing you there!!!