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There are two main categories of eligibility. Standard Membership and Harvard Affiliated Friends Membership.  


Standard Membership. Any individual who (i) has attended and successfully graduated from a degree-granting academic program from Harvard University; (ii) holds an honorary degree from Harvard University; (iii) is a student currently enrolled in Harvard University, provided that such student is actively enrolled in a degree-granting course of study; or (iv) has alumni status as defined by the Harvard Alumni Association (“HAA”).  


There are four levels of Standard Membership - Regular, Sustaining, Patron, and Crimson Legacy.  Please choose the highest level that best suits you recognizing that the Club depends upon the membership dues to operate the club and present all of the events.


Please register using your HarvardKey as that will give you exclusive access to select events and website features. 


If you do not have a HarvardKey but are eligible for Regular Membership, please reach out to our Club Administrator, Tricia Wansor, at harvardclub.pb@gmail.com


If you have not yet claimed your HarvardKey or run into technical issues claiming your HarvardKey, all the information you need can be found here.  


Harvard Affiliated Friends Membership (“HA Friends”). Any individual without alumni status as defined by the HAA who (i) has received a certificate of completion from an official program of Harvard University; (ii) is a parent of a student currently enrolled at Harvard University, such eligibility continues after the graduation of the student, provided the parents are active members of the Club at the time of graduation and continue to be so; (iii) is a spouse, child or widow/widower of regular members of the Club; (iv) is or was a professor, assistant professor, instructor, a lecturer at Harvard University or an intern and/or resident fellow of a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard University. 


If you believe you are eligible for Harvard Affiliated Friends Membership, please reach out to our Club Administrator, Tricia Wansor, at harvardclub.pb@gmail.com.

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A1. Crimson Legacy Membership (HarvardKey Required)
  Description:  Lifetime Membership to the Harvard Club of the Palm Beaches!
Membership price:  $1,000.00

A2. Patron Membership (HarvardKey Required)
  Description:  Annual Membership
Membership price:  $200.00

A3. Sustaining Membership (HarvardKey Required)
  Description:  Annual Membership
Membership price:  $100.00

A4. Regular Membership (HarvardKey Required)
  Description:  Annual Membership
Membership price:  $50.00

A5. Young Graduates (HarvardKey Required)
  Description:  Classes 2019 - 2023
Membership price:  $25.00

A6. Current undergrads and Recent-grads (Harvard Email Requi
  Description:  Annual Membership
Membership price:  $0.00

A7. Upgrade from Regular to Patron Membership
  Description:  Pay an additional $150 to upgrade your membership; expiration date will reflect (1) full year from time of upgrade.
Membership price:  $150.00

A8. Upgrade from Regular to Sustaining Membership
Membership price:  $50.00

A9. Harvard Affiliated Friends Membership-Verification requi
  Description:  If you believe you are eligible for Harvard Affiliated Friends Membership, reach out to our Club Administrator at harvardclub.pb@gmail.com.
Membership price:  $100.00

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