Board of directors

 The Board of Directors is made up of Harvard Alumni elected by the club's membership. The Board sets policy and provides overall direction for all club activities.

 The Executive Committee performs long-range planning, reviews and approves the annual budget and provides direction to staff.

  Executive Board   Directors   Directors


Joseph Kawczenski 


Vice President-Events
Carolyn C. Potter

 Stephen L. Reynolds



Immediate Past President and Chair of Governance

Rhys L. Williams 

Vice President - Membership
Vera de Chalambert
Zach Shipley
Ida Abedon
Vice President - Schools & Scholarships Committee
Margie Murstein
  Jerry Spunberg

Pepe Sosa


David Gradolph

Joseph Ierardi


Erick A. Reickert

Steve Varady  
First Vice President   Emeritus Advisory



Trudy B. Brekus

Dana Krumholz

Harriett M. Eckstein  

Club Administrator
Tricia Wansor

Cell: (954) 914-3148